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FlavorVariety Pack
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Breed RecommendationAll Breed Sizes
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Purina Friskies Poultry wet cat food consists of a pack of 32 meals and is made to provide 100% complete nutrition for the maintenance of adult cats.

  • The wet cat food comes in a different variety of packs, meaty bits, Poultry shreds and Prime Filets
  • To provide healthy protein real turkey and chicken are included
  • Cats love the hearty shreds of turkey
  • Cats love the hearty shreds of turkey
  • Each and every variety includes added vitamin supplements to promote immunity and good health
  • Minerals included provide balance to your cat’s diet
  • For balanced growth of kittens and maintenance of adult cats, it provides 100 percent complete diet

With eight jars of each wet feline food flavor for this situation, you have enough of each sort for a few meals, or you can switch between flavors.

Fulfill your feline’s desires with the flavorful goodness found in each container of this Purina Friskies wet feline food assortment pack.

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2 reviews for Best wet cat food 32 Count

  1. Elena

    As I say before, I share this pic so you can see there was nothing left, he ate it all. I bought to try it out with my 🐱 cat and he loves it.

  2. Pam Taylor

    Pugg waits every morning & evening for his food. He gets a couple of teaspoons on top of his dry food twice a day. If he doesn’t eat it all, then sometimes a baby possum finishes what he leaves.
    Pugg will sit and watch him while he licks his paws.
    Good food for all types!

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