Best chuck it ball for dogs pack of 2


Product details

Pet toy typeFetch Toy
Target SpeciesDog
ThemeAnimals, Birds
Breed RecommendationMedium


Chuck it  Balls are designed  that hold up to dirt and slobber and are easy to wipe clean.

It is made from natural, high bounce rubber which encourages dogs to go for jump and leap higher. The toy is durable and is made for long term use

Product description – 

  • The toy ball has high impact bouncing which your pet will love everyday
  • Playing everyday will create a great bonding with your pet
  • The shiny colors generate enthusiasm in dogs & puppies that helps the human-animal bond
  • Even if your per is aggressive chewer the ball is designed with thick rubber but still soft for your pet’s mouth
  • Petmate makes different types of products for cats, dogs & other small pets

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2 reviews for Best chuck it ball for dogs pack of 2

  1. Laurie

    My dog loves this ball. He packs it around like a kid packs around their favorite stuffed animal. He is a chewer and so far he has not been able to chew through it unlike the oversided tennis balls. From my prespective, since it’s a rubber it doesn’t pick up debris from outside that scatter when dropped in the house nor does it squeak so he can chew all it wants without driving me nuts.

  2. Jordan

    My boy is a fetch monster and these balls are way better than tennis balls. They’re extremely bouncy on hard surfaces but tend to fall a bit flat on grass. Plus, there’s no felt for him to remove – win win. I bought these when my baby was still a young puppy – around 3-4 months old and his mouth was still pretty small. (I limited his play on hard surfaces to preserve his joints) Now that he’s a bit older and is about 15 months, I find that they’re a bit small for his mouth and he has lost some interest in them but he’d still fetch when he needs to release energy. I did get the chuckit! glow ball as well but in a size medium and he prefers that one.

    Not a bad ball at all but if I had the correct size, he’d enjoy it more I’m sure.

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