Best shock collar for dogs, dog training collar 1Qty

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PatternKeypad lock mode
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Item Display Dimensions3.94 inches
Target SpeciesDog


To improve your dog’s behavior at home or outside, shock collar for dogs is the best solution you need to train your dog. The collar is safe and effective for training all shapes, sizes, and breeds dogs.

Product Features

  1. Five training modes – Keypad lock, Light, Beep, Shock and Vibration
  2. Easily teach dog obedience
  3. To prevent any unwanted operation, security keypad lock is provided.
  4. Waterproof with IP68 certification which helps pet perform outdoor activity with ease.
  5. Rechargeable receiver and remote with extra long life.
  6. USB charging cable is provided.


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Rechargeable Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration

2 reviews for Best shock collar for dogs, dog training collar 1Qty

  1. Cassandra Rogers

    We purchased this product after a similar product we purchased broke not allowing us to charge the collar any longer. After our first few days, the product seems to work great. Our dog was already use to the other product, so has adapted to this collar very easily. I’m excited to continue working with our dog to continue the behavior training. I definitely appreciate the warranty and the ability to purchase the extended warranty since our other collar broke only a few months after owning it. For the price, it seems to be a GREAT value.

  2. MamaPeacock25

    I have a young dog that came from a women that is deaf. My girl was a horrible listener but she’s super intelligent. I figured I’d give a vibrating/beeping collar a chance since a friend of mine uses them. There is a shock mode. Our dogs are smaller so I won’t be using.that on them. This set was a great price. I figured it wouldn’t be much of a loss if they were garbage. I’ve used the beep mode twice and our girl is now listening! When she starts acting up (she can open the baby gate, she loves the cat box, and she chews on just about anything) I just push the button and tell her “no Hiedi” then “come here Hiedi” and she actually listens! She knows when he collar is on she needs to behave a little extra. She’s already improved so much. I’m truly grateful for this product. I think this would be a great product to use for potty training.

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