Wysong Biotic pH- Dog Food Supplements


Size:9.75 oz. Wysong Biotic pH- Dog Food Supplements is a natural supplementdesigned to help dogs and cats needing assistance in preventing or treatingstruvite/triple phosphate crystal formation. This food supplement restores thenutrients that regulate metabolism and generate acid urine. This will helpdissolve existing stones and prevent their formation.Directions: shake 1teaspoon (3-4 full shakes) per 15 pounds body weight onto food daily. Forweaning kittens and puppies add a light shake onto each feeding. Since 1979Dr. Wysong s vision of providing truly natural holistic pet food has beenrealized through pioneering research and commitment to principle. Wysong viewsyour pet s health as en extremely serious concern and strives to developstate-of-the-art diets through their in-house pet health doctorateprofessionals. Unlike the typical pet food company Wysong does not outsourcetheir manufacturing or expertise. For several generations Wysong productshave been fed to thousands of dogs cats ferrets and horses alike shoringup their health against common diseases and ailments throughout their lives.Wysong provides free pet health information to owners and the most nutritiouspet food available to see their wish of the very best health for you and yourpet become a reality. They don t call themselves the thinking person s petfood for nothing. Prevents struvite/triple phosphate crystal formation. Helpsdissolve existing stones and prevent new ones. Available in 5 pound pail or 10oz. bottle. Regulates metabolism to generate acid urine. Designed for use withdogs or cats.


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