Best QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs 4 legs

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QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs with Reflective Strips Rugged Anti-Slip Sole 4PCS/Set

  • Please be sure to measure the width of your dog’s paws carefully, it is key to choosing the correct size for your dog, weight can only be used as an additional reference; Size 1: 1.7”x2.2”(W*L) for 12-23 lbs; size 2: 1.8”x2.4”(W*L) for 18-27 lbs; size 3: 2.0”x2.5”(W*L) for 23-33 lb; size 4: 2.2”x2.6”(W*L) for 31-40 lbs; size 5: 2.4”x2.8”(W*L) for 40-55 lbs; size 6: 2.6”x3.0”(W*L) for 52-65 lbs; size 7: 2.8”x3.2″(W*L) for 63-75 lbs; size 8: 3.0”x3.3″(W*L) for 74-88 lbs.

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1 review for Best QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs 4 legs

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    Great Doggie Foot Protection
    Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2022
    Pattern Name: BlackSize: Size 7: 2.8”x3.2″(W*L) (Pack of 4)Verified Purchase
    These are terrific shoes, and come with perfect instructions to get your pooch accustomed to wearing them. It does require 4 or 5 days of ‘prep’ before they’re ready to ‘hit the road’ with their new shoes. But once he had them on, he was ready to go. Daily he’s been out running in those shoes all over the huge dog park in Santa Fe NM — no stickers in his feet! Everyone comments on how great they are, and how they wish their dog had some to protect their feet from the cactus and stickers. Our pooch, Hobbes, is a big boy – he weighs 75#, and is a Husky/Great Pyrenees mix. We bought the LARGE shoes, which say they’re for a dog 63 – 75#. I followed their sizing instructions, using a piece of paper and pen, having him stand and marking the width of this foot and measuring it. It’s also important to have them fastened tightly so they don’t slip. At the dog park, Hobbes runs for an hour non-stop, at full tilt — those shoes don’t slow him down at all. So glad we bought them, and spent the ‘induction time’ to get him used to them.
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