Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy

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Glow In The Dark Original
Pet toy typeBall
Target SpeciesDog
Breed RecommendationAll Breed Sizes
BrandWobble Wag Giggle


Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy, Fun Giggle Sounds When Rolled or Shaken, Pets Know Best, As Seen On TV

About Interactive Dog Toy 

  • FUN FOR ALL BIG OR SMALL Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is great for dogs of all ages and sizes! The 4 clutch pockets on the toy make it easy for your dog to pick up during playtime!
  • WOBBLE WAG GIGGLE Ball With just the nudge of a nose, off the ball goes! Wobble Wag Giggle does not require batteries – the secret is the internal tube noisemaker inside of the ball, the enticing “play-with-me” giggle sounds are sure to engage your pup as the toy rolls around!



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1 review for Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy

  1. “gategoddess”

    So far, so good
    Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2022
    I purchased one of these ions ago, but it seems that it was a bigger one. Perhaps because it was so long ago my memory has faded a bit. My corgi then, who had a gazillion toys and played with EVERYTHING lost interest in this one quickly; the noises it generated were very limited and I finally decided we’d gotten a lemon. For the record, I did not purchase it at Amazon. Fast forward to the present; I’d been looking at this again, for quite some time, finally deciding to order again for my current corgi who is another toy monster. The first order never arrived. I didn’t realize it since I had become ill for almost 3 months; again I was back on Amazon looking for things for Howie, drawn back to the giggle ball where I saw the “you ordered this back on…” which triggered my memory so I looked up the order which seemed to be lost in space. Amazon immediately refunded my money and sent me another one which came the next day. Thank you, Amazon. Howie’s eyes were like saucers when he heard the noises emanating from that delivery box. We were off to the races. He loves the darned thing, corgis are herding dogs and are really smart, Howie is too smart. He figured out immediately where to pick it up to bring back to me and also the herding instinct kicked in as he shoved the ball around the yard with his nose and paws.

    The first night we had it I gave it to him in the house and he absolutely lost his mind. Deaf, dumb and blind to any manners he had or good behavior learned. I had to take it away from him and put it away. He knew where it was and would stand and stare at it for hours on end. He gets stuck on things sometimes (an understatement), as a rescue he had some issues we all had to work on but he has come a long way. I waited about a week, then we went outside and started over. All is well in the universe now.

    I gave this 4 stars overall and 4 stars for chew proof because the jury is still out on a couple of things, I would like to see a few different sizes, I could see getting a bit of a larger size for Howie that he couldn’t pick up, that he would have to herd around instead, that would put the chew issue at a lower risk, I say that because when he picks it up, he has chewed at it as all dogs do with things, when he is getting ready to find the holes in order to pick up the ball; the other day when he brought it back to me, one of his canines was a bit lodged into the ball, not enough to have to have to cause concern, but something to watch for. Perhaps he had been choosing the same area to try to pick it up. I won’t rate the durability or longevity right now. I’ll just say that at this point in time, the ball is holding up quite well, especially with a dog that plays hard, and who knows how long it will last. I am purchasing another one as a back up. I have had corgis for over 40 years and as all responsible dog owners know, never leave your dog alone with a toy or anything else, not even a paper bag. I’m glad this one has worked out so far, however if it becomes compromised or unsafe in anyway for Howie, it will find its way to the garbage can immediately.

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