Dog Bark Collar, DINJOO Collar for Large Medium Small Dogs



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  1. Richard Aites

    First, I have two of these collars that were purchased for a 17 lb schnoodle and a 90 lb Irish Setter/Poodle breed. After 5 years of frustration with the schnoodles incessant barking at every movement and sound, I now have a peaceful home thanks to this collar. It is amazingly easy to use, and exceptionally flexible for determing the training methods/setup you prefer. I use the tone and the vibrate only, and do not even have prongs installed. Both of my dogs have responded to this unimagineably well. A unexpected side effect is that for my small shnoodle, he is actuallly much calmer and less stressed now that he isn’t barking like a fool at everything around him. I am amazed at how much of his previous stress was self-induced. For those concerned, and this was very important to me, the battery life is at half on the display meter after 9 days of use. However, I do usually turn them off for 7 hours each night while their in bed. Compared to prior collars I have tried, this is very impressive.

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