Best Electric fencing for dog over 5lb

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Range1/2 acre
Dog ExpandabilityUnlimited
Dog Size8 lb. + with neck sizes 6-28 inches
BatteriesReplaceable PetSafe RFA-67D-11 battery
Collar Receiver Battery LifeUp to 2 months


The electric fencing for dog comes with Replaceable Battery Collar allows you to make a solid play region without investing energy covering wires and without the significant expense of building an actual wall.

Select an area where you will keep your pet, as the transmitter is portable. plug it into a standard outlet to make it work.

If you plan to travel or camping this device is great for travelling.

Product Features (Electric fencing for dog)

  1. Battery -6V
  2. Power adapter with transmitter
  3. Training flags for boundary -50
  4. It comes with hardware mounting bracket
  5. Adjustable 3/4″ collar strap with waterproof receiver 
  6. Less costly than traditional fences.

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2 reviews for Best Electric fencing for dog over 5lb

  1. Brad

    I have a 3 year old female dalmatian, who likes to chase certain people, I bought the pet safe wired system like 2 years ago… the system worked for my other dogs perfectly but had no effect on her! I decided to try this system but seriously doubted it would work, but it does!!! It’s on max but after 5 days training she’s perfect and has no desire to test the fence! I’m so happy, money well spent!
    Only thing I don’t like is the fence changes distance a little bit, I gave up trying to put the flags in for training…

  2. Deborah Burton

    Easy to install. I put the flags down as markers for my puppy. He was shocked a total of 2 times while learning. After that just the the warning beep was required to keep him from leaving the yard. He hears the beep and backs right up. He has gone outside for emergency pees without the collar and stays in the yard. I wouldn’t trust him without the collar for long stretches outside just in case. Very pleased with this product. I didn’t want to tie him.

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