Top 7 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the United States

Cat Breeds

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If we check the history of the last thousand years, cats have taken care of their breeding themselves.

Initially they were just used for killing rodents. Slowly and gradually humans started breeding of cats to their liking.

At present there are  70 different cat breeds which  are identified through cat registries. Some registries identify only 40 breeds as they exclude few domestic breeds.

Most of us differentiate between our cats by their looks as tuxedos to tabbies while actually there are many different breeds as mentioned earlier.

Popular Cat Breeds

The top 10 cat breeds mentioned below are most loved by the Americans and they want to keep them as pets.

1. Scottish Fold Cats


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According to  Wikipedia “The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to “fold”, bending forward and down towards the front of the head, which gives the cat what is often described as an “owl-like” appearance.”

This cat is mostly shy, calm and sweet in nature and easily become friends with other pets in the house and have a very easy going attitude. They have a special affection to a particular person in the house.

The Scottish fold cat can generate different varieties of sound which is unlike other cats and the sound is very soft.

Lifespan – 11 to 15 years

Weight  – Around 2.2 to 5.8 kg

Color – This breed of cat can be found in six different colors along with different pattern and shadings.

Important points to consider – a) Can be left alone, but only for a few hours, b) Quite playful cat, c) Need to groom  at least once every week.

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2. Maine Coon Cats


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This cat breed originated in Maine which is a state in U.S. It is considered to be the oldest natural breed in North America.

They are biggest domestic cats which is why they have a strong built structure. The cat also goes by the name of Gentle giant because of its big size and playful nature.

The climate in the U.S state of Maine is quite harsh which is why the Maine coon cats have a thick coat of fur otherwise it would have become difficult to survive.

Their tail is also quite long which they wrap it around their body to get an extra layer of insulation in cold conditions.

Male cats can have a size up to 30lbs while female weigh a little less.

These cats have also some dog like characteristic like following their owner.

Lifespan – 9 to 15 years

Weight  – Around 4.5 to 8 kg

Color – This breed of cat can be found in 64 different colors

Important points to consider – a) Needs grooming every day, b) Wonderful for someone who is adopting pet for the first time, c) Can easily  stay alone throughout the day.

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3. Persian Cats


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This is a round face short muzzle and long hair cat breed, and it is also known as Persian longhair.

They are very gentle, affectionate, soft and laid back creatures which make them the most popular cat breed among the owners.

Apart from being the most popular they have been around human for the longest duration of time.

According to the  Cat Fanciers’ Association, which is an American non-profit cat registry, the Persian cat was ranked as the fourth most popular breed of cats.

The breed is said to have originated in Persia, which in now known as Iran. Over the time there has been change in color and size, but one thing which remained the same is fur which is quite thick.

Lifespan – 10 to 12 years

Weight  – Around 3  to 5.5 kg

Color – This breed of cat comes in 6 different colors

Important points to consider – a) Bathed at least once a week, b) Should be groomed daily , c) It is an indoor cat so avoid taking them outside.

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4. Ragdoll Cats


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They are affectionate natured extremely loving cats who like to relax in arms when picked up by someone.

According to Wikipedia, American breeder Ann Baker developed Ragdolls in the 1960s.

Like Maine coon cats this breed of cats also have some dog like characteristics of following their owner and non aggressiveness towards other pets.

They love to have human companionship and like to sleep in the lap of their owners. Due to their smart learning ability they can easily be trained to behave well with children and other pets.

They can easily learn the dog tricks like rolling over, playing fetch and begging.

Lifespan – 12 to 17 years

Weight  – Around 4  to 8.5 kg

Color – Three different coat pattern with each pattern having four different colors.

Important points to consider – a) Need a mix of both indoor and outdoor activities, b) Need grooming every day, c) Enjoys playing game so should be given time.

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5. Abyssinian Cats


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Simply known as Abys, are domestic short haired breed with a distinctive coat in which each hair is banded with different color.

These cats are considered to be highly intelligent and are ideal pets for cat lovers. Buy her lots of toys including the ones involving puzzles to keep her occupied because they jump and climb a lot.

They are highly energetic and expressive with a wedge shaped head half-cupped ears, medium length bodies and fully-developed muscles.

They resemble Egyptian cats due to their appearance, although they socialize with children easily, yet they are not comfortable in the lap.

Lifespan – 9 to 15 years

Weight  – Around 6  to 10 pounds

Color – They come in four different colors, i.e. Ruddy, red, blue, fawn

Important points to consider – a) Include more puzzle toys, b) Weekly grooming is necessary to maintain coat, c) Frequent brushing should be done during shedding season.

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6. Devon Rex Cats


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This breed of cats emerged in Devonshire, England during late 1950s and are short haired, long eared. It behaves more like a dog than a cat and is known by many names like a pixie cat, an alien cat, a cat that looks like an elf — or a bat.

Devon Rex is sometimes called poodle who purrs because she wags her tail when she is happy. This cat is considered to be one of the best pets because it mixes easily with other cats and also with dogs who are cat friendly.

Apart from being highly intelligent, they are also very good jumpers. This cat is loved by cat lovers all over the world due to its unique appearance.

Lifespan – 9 to 15 years

Weight – Around 8  to 10 pounds (Male), 5 to 8 pounds (female)

Color – They come in nine different colors with different shades and patterns.

Important points to consider – a) Need to be taken care outside as they like to jump, b) Requires only gentle grooming, c) Should be bathed occasionally

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7. American Shorthair Cats


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They were once used as  guards by the store owners to keep a check on rodent and other insect because of her ability to hunt accurately.

This cat has a reputation as “America’s breed”. At present, it has become famous and very common in house of pet lovers.

In 2020, it was the eighth most popular pedigreed cat in the world, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

American Shorthair Cat gets along with children very well and also with other pets, but needs attention from her people.

This cat can be said as independent because she doesn’t like to be carried by someone. Most of the time she will sit beside, and occasionally she may sit on a lap.

Although she gets along very well with dog friendly cats, but other pets like parrot and birds should be kept away from her, due to her hunting skill she may cause harm to them.

Lifespan -15 to 20  years

Weight – Around 11 to 15 pounds (Male), 8 to 11 pounds (female)

Color – They come in six different colors with different shades and patterns.

Important points to consider – a) Keep away from pet birds and other small animals, b) Requires combing couple a times in a week. , c) Their flat face also makes the breed more susceptible to ocular and respiratory issues.


Although all the cats mentioned above are popular in the US, but the Maine Coon cat is one of the oldest locally adapted breed in North America.


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