The Maine Coon Cat, One of the Oldest Natural Breeds in North America

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The Maine coon cat is one of the oldest Landrace (locally adapted, traditional variety of species) breed in North America.

It is the official State Cat of Maine, a state in the New England and Northeastern regions of the United States.

The Maine coon was quite popular in the 19th century, but after the introduction of long-haired cat breeds from across the globe, this cat was on the verge of extinction.

The Maine coon is also known as “the gentle giant” because of its soft nature and large size. A thick dense coat protects this cat from the extreme climate of Maine from which the cat originated.

The cat also has some dog-like characteristics, meaning it has unusual behavioral tendencies that are reminiscent of young domestic dogs. 

maine coon cat

Characteristics Of Maine Coon

A few characteristics of Maine coon Cats which can be of help if someone is looking to buy one are given below.

Original Name – The Maine coon catAlso known as – The Gentle Giant
OriginMaine, a state in U.S
Weight (Male/Female)6-8 Kg / 3.5 – 5.5 Kg
Length 50-100 cm
TemperamentSocial, Friendly, affectionate
Life Span13-15 years
Health IssuesHip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, spinal muscular atrophy, stomatitis, periodontal disease, polycystic kidney disease (PKD), and obesity
Price Range$500-$2500, depending upon the age, pedigree and other factors
Registered Breeders Visit here for breeders, make sure to buy only from registered breeders
Color and PatternsSolid white, cream, red, blue, and black Maine coons, as well as tabby, bi-color, tortoiseshell, shaded, and calico Maine coons
Coat LengthLong
Rarest colorsSilver and Gold
Type of food they eatCombination of meat like chicken and fish, dry cat food, and wet cat food

Genetics testing suggests that these cats are descendants of both the Norwegian Forest cat and a mysterious extinct domestic breed.

Maine coons are large, affectionate cats. Their hearing, sight, speed, and powerful jaws make them accomplished hunters of small prey. 

Other defining physical features are large pointed ears often topped with wisps of hair, expressive oval-shaped eyes, and a long, bushy tail.

These cats were held in high regard by the locals for their mousing talents and special competitions were even held to reward the best “Coon Cat.” (source:

The first ever major cat show held at Madison Square Garden, New York in May, 1895 declared the Maine coon cat “Cosey” as the winner of the best cat.

maine coon coat

In the 1950s, the Maine coon cats were almost extinct. After putting in huge efforts by some responsible breeders, they were able to revive the extinct breed.

These cats are intelligent, easily trainable, friendly, loving family pets and can provide hours of entertainment but at times become angry due to improper socialization, jealousy, and even hormones.

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They can cover larger distances when pouncing upon their prey.

How to take care

Since the Maine coon cats have a very heavy coat which requires regular brushing to avoid tangling of hair and requires bathing between a week’s to a month’s time.

No special exercise is needed for this breed, they can manage on their own and according to their needs.

Cat toys and cat trees can help them work out some of that energy.

Facts about Maine coon cats

1) The Maine coon cats won America’s first ever popular cat show.

2) These cats were made official state cats of Maine in 1985.

3) According to C.F.A (The cat fanciers’ Association), this cat was the second most popular breed in 2021.

4) The first animal to be cloned in 2004, commercially, was the Maine coon cat named Nicky.

5) The price of the cloned cat was $50000 paid by the Texas woman to a biotech company in Northern California.

6) According to Guinness world record, a Maine coon cat named Barviel (means clown or jolly) was declared as the longest living domestic cat at 47.3 (120.142cms) inches in 2018,in Vigevano, Pavia, Italy

7) Before Barviel, the record of longest domestic cat was held by Stewie, an 8 yr-old cat who died of cancer in 2013.

8) The length of Stewie was 48.5cms when stretched fully, according to Guinness world record.

9) Stewei’s full name was Mymains Stewart Gilligan.

10)  Robin Hendrickson was the owner of Stewie who bought it from a breeder in Hermiston, Oregon, in 2005.

11) These cats have a special love for water, their fur is semi-water resistant, which helps to keep them dry, enabling them to spend quality time in water.

12) Some cats have six toes which may stem from a genetic mutation.

13) The four-legged feline in the film, Harry Potter, was a female Maine coon named Pebbles who played Mrs. Norris

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Kittens can be adopted after they have passed 12 weeks and have completed the weaning period and have received basic inoculations.

It is impossible to predict how long the cat will survive but, with proper care and nutrition, the Maine Coon Cat should give you years of love, enjoyment, and companionship.


Q) Where do Maine coon cats come from ?

A) The Maine Coon is a large domesticated cat breed. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. The breed originated in the U.S. state of Maine.

Q) Will Maine coon cats walk on a leash ?

A) These cats have dog-like traits and are easily trainable, which makes them walk on a leash.

Q) Are Maine coon cats hypoallergenic ?

A) Although these cats are hypoallergenic, but that doesn’t mean people allergic to pets should take it easy. When nearby, they should take precautions.

Q) Can Maine coon cats be indoor cats ?

A) Indoor or Outdoors is not an issue with these cats as they love to socialize and if given proper attention and, provided with interactive toys, they can turn out to be wonderful interactive cats.

Q) Are Maine coon cats friendly ?

A) These cats are one of the most loving and friendliest breeds in the world. They make great pets for families or individuals that are looking for family-friendly cats.

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