Siamese Cat, an Intelligent Talkative Breed From Thailand

Siamese cat

The exotic and somewhat mysterious Siamese cat hails from the country of Thailand, which was earlier known as SIAM. In the 19th century, this breed became extremely popular in North America and Europe, some even residing in royal palaces.

siamese cat

It is believed that in the past this breed was trusted to protect royal palaces and monasteries from evil spirits. These cats were also thought of as bringing good fortune to their owners as well.

Around 1884, the very first Siamese cats began to make their way to England, when they were given as gifts to a British general in England. After that, they eventually made their way over to America.

The Siamese breed was recognized by CFA (the cat fanciers’ association- the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats) in 1906, interestingly, the same year CFA itself was formed.

Their sleek lines, striking color contrast, finely chiseled aristocratic heads, deep blue almond eyes, and short silky coats make them living art. Combine this beauty with acute intelligence, an inquisitive personality, and a loving nature, and you have the essence of the Siamese cat.

Characteristics of Siamese Cat

Some of the Characteristics about Siamese cat are mention below

Types of Siamese CatsSeal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point
Common NicknameMeezer, Mese
Lengthup to 14 inch
WeightLess than 10lb
ColorBrown, Grey, Blue, Black, White, Cream, Lilac
Life Span15-20 Years
FoodSurvive on both plant and animal
Temperamentsmart, Intelligent, calm and sociable
GroomingLow maintenance
Exercise DurationAt least 30 min daily
Common Health issuesAsthma, Amyloidosis, Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Siamese cats have always been known for their bodies which are lighter in color, with darker areas throughout. The darker areas found on their bodies, are normally around the feet, tail, legs, or face, their coat coloring is determined by their genetics and the temperature of their surroundings.

These cats need a lot of attention, because in their minds, they believe that the world revolves around them. For this very reason, they can tend to be quite dependent on their owners.

Siamese cats generally get along very well with other cats, dogs, and children, as long as they play without causing any inconvenience.

They love to play, and crave interaction. They don’t like to stay alone for longer periods of time, so beware before leaving your cat alone next time.


Traditionally, Siamese cats are robust, with round heads and a truly muscular build. They are well known throughout the world for their color points and unique personalities. Unlike other breeds, Siamese breeds have a talent for communicating with people.

These cats love to play, love to make noise, and they also happen to be the most social breed of cats out there.

Born white or cream colored and later developing the dark points, they need the minimum amount of grooming, which involves bathing every once in a while, and brushing maybe once or twice a month.

If you like cats with minimal maintenance, Siamese cats are perfect. Their hair is short to their skin, so a gentle brushing is all you need. They can get sick, however, which is to be expected with any breed of cat.

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As long as you provide a proper diet and schedule your visit to the vet for regular checkups and vaccinations, the cat is going to live for years and years to come. Most people who have their cat for over 10 years, find the cat to be more like a child than a pet.

Since Siamese cats are very intelligent and athletic, interactive and stimulating games are great for them, like Bubble bursting, Butterfly toy, Mouse Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys, 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball, catnip toys.

Types of Siamese cats – There are four different types of Siamese cat – seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point. Each of these types is generally identical in personality; they are simply four different color variations. 

Health Issues

1) Asthma – Siamese cats are prone to asthma which is mainly caused by dust and smoke. This condition is also called  allergic bronchitis.

2) Hip Dysplasia – is an abnormality of the hip joint in which joints don’t develop properly and which causes pain in the legs. This issue makes it difficult for cats to jump or climb.

3) Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) – This health issue is usually inherited and affects the eyes retina, which may cause loss of vision.

Presently there is no treatment available for PRA.

Siamese cat parents with an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance policy can file claims for breathing troubleInflammatory Bowel Diseasekidney disease, stomach issues, and vomiting.

Siamese cat

Facts About Siamese Cats

1) One of the oldest cat breeds.

2) Kittens are all born white from top to bottom. Later on, their fur begins to darken up.

3) Rutherford Birchard Hayes who served as the president (1877-1881) of the United States and his wife Lucy were the recipients of a Siamese cat shipped to them in 1878 by David B. Sickels, a U. S. diplomat stationed at the consulate in Thailand. (info. source – Wikipedia)

4) As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s oldest living cat was a 30-year-old Siamese named Scooter.

5) Born March 26, 1986, Scooter lives with his owner, Gail Floyd.

6) They have appeared in the films, The Incredible Journey (20 November 1963) and Lady and the Tramp(June 22, 1955).

Where to buy a Siamese cat in the USA

Visit the Siamese cat and kittens for sale near you


Life will be fun if there is a Siamese cat around, as they are wonderful and keep you entertained provided you give them enough time and not let them alone.

They like a routine and interactive toys, scratching posts and hiding places will help to keep them out of mischief.


Q) How much a Siamese cat cost ?

A) Pedigree Siamese cats cost around 600 to 1200 dollars. Unregistered kittens and cross breeds are comparatively cheaper.

Q) What is a fluffy Siamese cat called ?

A) The Balinese, originated as a natural mutation of that breed and hence is essentially the same cat but with a medium-length silky coat and a distinctively plumed tail.

Q) What are rare Siamese cats ?

A) Chocolate Point Siamese cats are a rare adorable breed.

Q) How many babies do Siamese have ?

A) The average number of babies a Siamese has is 4.

Q) Are Siamese cats aggressive ?

A) They are known to be friendly but may become aggressive if their demands are not met. A hungry, bored, neglected, or anxious Siamese is more likely to display aggression, especially towards other cats.

Q) when is Siamese cat day ?

A) April 6th is the National Siamese Cat Day

Q) what Siamese cats like ?

A) Since they love heights and are great jumpers, trees and perches are best suited for them. They also enjoy playing with interactive and stimulating toys.

Q) Are Siamese cat hypoallergenic ?

A) Although they have short hair, they are still considered hypoallergenic. 

Q) Who is Sagwa the Siamese cat ?

A) It is a children’s animated television series based on the children’s book of the same name by Amy Tan which aired on PBS Kids, co-produced by Canada-based animation studio CinéGroupe and Sesame Street creator Sesame Workshop.

The series aired from September 3, 2001, to October 5, 2002, running for one season and 40 episodes.

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