Top 10 Most Active Dogs In The USA

active dogs

Active dogs are useful if you either look from your house safety or in terms of making you run that extra mile.

It is a blessing to have such a friend who keeps us healthy and also protects us from external threats.

Are pit bulls really the most active, high-energy dog breeds  or What about Doberman or Anatolian Shepherd Dog, the great powerhouses of the Iditarod? Or your deranged Boston terrier?

 No two dogs can have the same level of energy and activeness it all depends on which breed you are looking at.

For example, any herding breed of dogs like Australian Shepherd are quite active when compared to other breeds.

These highly active dogs need both mental and physical exercises to be considered well- behaved otherwise they might become destructive or develop other behavioral issues. 

The only thing common in most active dog breeds is that they need someone who can keep up with their pace as they generally like to be busy whole day.

Most Active Dogs

We have compiled a list of 10 most active dogs in USA –

1. Australian Shepherd 

These are  medium-sized, athletic breed, having size between 20 and 23 inches, weighing between 50 lbs and 65 lbs.

They are natural herders, highly active, smart and excel in dog sports.

The cowboy’s herding dog of choice, is a medium-sized worker with a keen, penetrating  gaze in the eye.

Australian shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has become one of the most popular companion dog breeds in North America.

In short, this isn’t the pet for everyone. But if you’re looking for a brainy, tireless, and trainable partner for work or sport, your search might end here.


2. Jack Russell Terrier 

The Jack Russell Terrier  was used for fox hunting in England around 200 years ago. It is basically white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated and can be any color.

Jack Russell Terrier

It is also known as the Parson Russell Terrier, is clever, lively and independent little dog. They are mostly purebred but can also be found in shelters.

Their intensity and energy is very high and can surprise the owners, they also love to dig.

They mostly remain alert and ready for work which is why plenty of exercise and proper training should be provided to them.

If not trained professionally they may display bad behavior which can be annoying.

If you want a dog who can learn fast, run an agility or flyball course in seconds flat, play fetch until you drop, and who will make a charming companion when he’s not getting into mischief, the Jack Russell may be the dog for you.

3. Dalmatian 

They are medium-sized highly energetic, sensitive and intelligent dogs. Originated as hunting dogs and later user as carriage or coach dogs which means they used to go alongside the occupants to protect them from bandits.


Due to their cost they were only used by wealthy traders and merchants. The dogs were trained to attack the horses used by highwaymen, giving the owners’ human security time to respond to the actual robbers.

Like Jack Russell Terrier they need lots of exercise to dispel their excessive energy. They are born without any spots, but as they grow they turn into the dog with spots all over the body.

4. Siberian husky 

They are medium-sized dogs recognized by the thick flurry coat, specially trained to pull a sled over the snow.

It is an energetic, resilient and active breed whose ancestors lived in the freezing conditions of the Siberian Arctic.

siberian husky

They love long walks everyday due to their high energy levels but important thing to keep in mind is to avoid taking them to hotter places because they have a very thick coat.

5. Golden Retriever

These are medium-sized Scottish breed dogs also known as a retriever.

A retriever is a type of gun dog that retrieves game for a hunter. They have a beautiful golden coat characterized by a gentle and affectionate nature.

Golden Retriever

One of the most famous breeds in the United States, great family pets due to their loving and caring attitude and their intelligence makes them highly capable working dogs.

They have high sniffing power which is why they are used by law enforcement agencies to detect contraband and also as therapy and service dogs.

6. Border Collie

They are a British breed of herding dogs of medium-size. Due to their sharp memory they are considered to be most intelligent dogs all over the world.

Border Collie

They’re known for their intense stare, or “eye,” with which they control their flock. They’re dogs with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, all of which make them a premier herding dog.

If they are provided with both mental and physical exercise they turn out to be great family pets.

7. English Springer Spaniel 

The English Springer is a breed of gun dogs or bird dogs developed to assist hunters in finding and retrieving, usually quail, dove, or duck.

English Springer Spaniel

They are highly athletic and versatile and are known to participate hunt tests. They turn out to be great pets when you go for a hike or camping.

They need lots of space to run around because they are full of energy.

8. Irish Setter

This breed is setter means a type of gundog used most often for hunting game such as quail, pheasant, and grouse.

Irish Setter

These dogs are very active with full of energy and love to run, which is why they need a lot of space to enjoy.

They have quite a thick coat which needs regular brushing to keep them mat free.

They make very nice family dogs sweet-tempered companions for the folks and very outgoing who loves to make friends.

9. Beagle

They are known as scent hound dogs who usually hunt by odor rather than sight.

These dogs were developed specifically for hunting hare. This dog is having one of the best sniffing capability and superior tracking instincts.


These dogs are energetic, quick, curious and need daily activity to keep their sniffing and tracking activity intact.

As per Wikipedia, the modern breed was developed in Great Britain around the 1830s from several breeds, including the Talbot Hound, the North Country Beagle, the Southern Hound, and possibly the Harrier.

10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These are cattle herding dogs that originated in Pembrokeshire, which is a county in the south-west of wales.

These are active and very intelligent breed of dogs which are easy to train, and they are also eager to learn.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi are well-behaved dogs and get along well with children and other pets. They can be found in four different coat colors and markings.

They move very quickly despite having shorter legs and can fit in any household or apartment.

They need plenty of walks and active play sessions.


Several breeds are quite lazy in comparison to other high energy dogs. Some of them are bulldogs, chow chows, pugs, Shih Tzus, and basset hounds, but laziness doesn’t mean that they do not need exercise, they need exercise but require less intensity in comparison to the active ones.

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