Holidays Of Caring & Sharing, Lovers And Friends Festival

Lovers And Friends Festival

Christmas can be a stressful time for our pets and stray animals with loud noises and flickering lights. We suggest ways to celebrate the Holidays and festivals in a sincere manner.

Christmas and New Year are the festivals of lights and joy. We all of us look forward positively to the festival and holidays because it brings much joy and positive hope to move on. For lovers and friends festivals are one of the most joyful and auspicious times of the year but do you think what about our pets?Maybe not. That’s why the loud noise of music for happiness, fun, and smoke makes our pets restless and they feel a lot of anxiety and stress. We have to remember that it is a festival of light, not a festival of smoke, screeching sound, and fire. Nor for being irresponsible to the living animals and birds that live on this land.

There are so many ways available to make this lovers and friends festival enjoyable like decorating the house with colorful lights that do not bother your family member who is your pet, making the home colorful by putting up bulbs, Making some delicious sweets, and of course give a good treat for your pet and sharing your love and joy with the pets, friends, and neighbors. But at the time of the lovers and friends festival, we make the pets feel bad during this enjoyable holiday and festival by producing loud noise and smoke by firing the crackers. We should avoid crackers that make a very loud noise, instead, we should use only bright-colored crackers.

This Christmas and for lovers and friends festival do one thing whatever animals live with us or any living animal birds. We should give our pets lots of happiness and fun instead of giving them fear, nervousness, and stress. This lovers and friends festival occasion is a perfect time to share a bond with families, and friends as well as with our pets.

While you’re busy decorating, baking, wrapping gifts/pet gifts, and preparing your household for guests, Always remember to watch out for holiday temptations for your pets. Don’t let a pet disaster turn both your and your pets’ Holiday.

Deadly effects of firecrackers on Pets

Lovers And Friends Festival

The pets of our houses and also homeless street dogs get scared and tense when they hear the loud noise generated by the firecrackers. Pets run here and there and some pets leave the space where they live and they can lost anywhere.

Dogs have a very special power which is their stronger hearing power than us and they easily catch high-decibel sounds during the lover’s and friends’ festival seasons. the dog can bear pain threshold is approximately 95 decibels which are lesser than humans with 130 decibels. That’s why the sound of 190 decibels generated by firecrackers makes dogs and other pets feel uncomfortable. It may be caused by permanent or temporary sound phobia due to loud noise.

There are some common symptoms when we burst the cracker, see in pets fear, confusion, salivation, shaking, trembling, shivering, excessive barking, loss of appetite, aggressiveness, and hiding under the bed, or bench and not even listening to you.

Sometimes sudden bright light after the bursting of a firecracker can lead to partial or even permanent blindness in pets like dogs and cats.

Due to heavy smoke in the sky, the vision is very poor, especially at night, the pet birds bump into unknown objects and injure themselves in response to the loud noise of the firecrackers and also too loud music. The sudden bright light glare of burning firecrackers can also blur vision or cause permanent visual impairment.

5 Holiday Dangers to Pets

The holidays are a festive time for us and our pets. If we adopt some protective methods then we can save our pets. Take preventive measures to protect your pets this holiday season. If an emergency situation comes, we should always be ready for our pets, whether it is a requirement to vet or give them first aid. If you keep these things in mind then you will not have to run to the vet clinic with your pets during this holiday season.

1. Holiday Tinsel and Ornaments

The problem with tinsel is that especially with your cat because it seems very shiny once it’s consumed by your pet then it can be dangerous for your pet. so be very careful.

2. Holiday( for Lovers And Friends Festival ) Lighting and Candles

Our pets love shiny things, they have a strong urge to grab them and chew them too. If we don’t pay attention, they can get an electric shock and they can also burn with a candle. Remember pet’s fur catches fire very quickly.

3. Gift Wrap Ribbon

Well, who doesn’t like gifts even our lovely pets love gifts and are also very excited to open the ribbon and uncover the gift. While opening the gift, keep in mind that the ribbon should not get stuck around his/her neck.

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4. Be Careful When Giving Food

Unfortunately, some of the most popular holiday goodies, such as chocolate, bones, and nuts, can be extremely toxic or fatal to pets. so be aware and purchase only branded and authentic items

5. Artificial Decorative Plants

These artificial plants maybe look pretty, but some festival and holiday plants are poisonous or even deadly. Try not to buy such plants and if you buy them, keep them in a place where your pets cannot reach them.

Do and don’ts during Holidays

As far as possible Keep a good environment around your pets, keep pets inside the home so that the loud noise of firecrackers can be reduced.

You should give water and good food treats to the pet along with water.

Don’t even keep your pet clenched in chains

When crackers and loud music are not allowed by the government, then you can also take your pets for a walk outside.

If your pet tries to hide for some reason, do not force it to come out.

Do not tie your dog outside the house even by mistake. Maybe he will get very nervous after hearing such loud noises.

If you have birds, keep them inside the house by closing them in their cages.


It is also important to keep in mind that you should also remain calm at such times, if you see him disturbed, then he will be more worried. So let’s make this festival more enjoyable and memorable with our lovers and friends festival with our pets.