25 Fun Facts About Dogs Probably You Did Not Know

Fun facts about dogs

While dogs have been humans’ best friends but there are some fun facts about dogs which you probably might not know.

Fun facts about dogs

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Fun facts about dogs

Given below are some if not all facts which we hope you would love to know

  1. While running at full speed, most domestic dogs are capable of achieving speeds up to about nineteen miles per hour.
  2. It has been established by the researchers that the dog’s smelling sense is between 10000 to 100000 times that of the humans. Hope that now you understand why dogs are used for sniffing.
  3. Dogs have round about 100 different facial expressions and the interesting part is that most of them are made with the ears.
  4. If we count the number of breeds dogs have then there are 350 of them worldwide.
  5. It’s been more than 10000 years that the dogs have been domesticated by humans and are the first animals to be kept like this.
  6. Dogs only sweat glands are located between its paw pads.
  7. Known for their spots on the body, at first Dalmatians are born spotless white, as they age  their spots develop.
  8. Dogs can produce 10 different types of sounds.
  9. While humans get stoned in the appendix, dogs do not have one.
  10. Since dogs can sweat only from their feet the only way the heat is discharged is through panting.
  11. It’s a myth that dogs can’t identify colors, but the truth is they can see shades of blue, yellow, green and gray.
  12. Through mating, male, female dogs and their puppies are capable of producing more than 66000 dogs in a 6 year duration.
  13. Through their ears which look like radar dishes, the dogs can locate an area from where the sound is coming from in 6/100ths of a second.
  14. Dogs are super chewers and can exert a huge amount of pressure, which is estimated to be 150-200 pounds of pressure per square inch.
  15. Dogs have a limited taste bud which is about 1/6 the number of taste buds humans have but they  can taste salty, sour, sweet, and bitter.

  16. You can teach your pet around 1000 words which he can learn easily.
  17. Just like humans, dogs yawns are also contagious. 
  18. Compared to humans, a 1 year old dog is as mature as a 15 years old human.
  19. Dogs also have an internal clock just like humans and can tell the time better than what we think.
  20. Just as a kid gets fussy when tired, similarly puppies also tend to do the same.
  21. Sir James Paul McCartney, the famous singer, songwriter and the musician added a frequency only dogs can listen to the end of the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life.
  22. Spending time with your dog is also good for your health as this produces oxytocin, which reduces stress and enhance well being.
  23. Now this one is the most interesting, Franklin Roosevelt, who was an American politician and attorney who served as the president of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945, sent a destroyer ship at the expense of the taxpayer to pick up his Scottie in the Aleutian Islands.  
  24. With dogs as their beneficiaries, an estimated 1,000,000 dogs in the U.S. have been named  in their owner’s will.
  25. Soft rock and reggae music are most positively associated with relaxed behaviors in dogs.


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