Dog Sanitary Pants, Dog Physiological Reusable For Female Dog Dog



Dog Sanitary Pants Dog Physiological Reusable for Female Dog Dog Specification: Description: A fashionable solution to a natural problem this stylish dog sanitary pants provides protection for dog that encounters excited urination minor incontinence among senior dogs and female pet in heat. Cotton material with elastic suspenders is particularly comfortable. It is perfect for traveler who want to let her or his pet run freely in hotel rooms or in someone else home. Features: 1. Cotton material is soft breathable comfortable and which can keep your lovely dog healthy. 2. Preventing the dog from mating at will in estrus to get pregnant. 3. Keeping your female dog from dirtying your floor vehicle or furniture in its menstrual period especially for little ones who can t go to the toilet regularly. 4. Suitable for middle and small dogs which is washable and reusable. 5. Elastic suspenders with press button design is fashionable comfortable and convenient to put on and take off. 6. Easy to use just place a sanitary pad inside the pants. Specifications: Material: Cotton Color: Orange Gender: Female Weight: 28-45g Type: Dog Function: Sanitary Pants for Female Dog Optional Size: XXS XS S M L XL Size Waist Back Length Suitable Weight XXS 28-30cm / 11-12inch 18-22cm / 7-9inch 0.5-1kg XS 30-32cm / 12-13inch 22-24.0cm / 9-9.4inch 1.5-2.5kg S 32-35cm / 13-14inch 24.0-26cm / 9.4-10inch 2-3kg M 35-38cm / 14-15inch 26-30cm / 10-12inch 3-4kg L 38-43cm / 15-17inch 30-34cm / 12-13inch 4-6kg XL 43-46cm / 17-18inch 34-38cm / 13-15inch 5.5-7kg Measure Method: Package Includes: 1 x Dog Sanitary Pants Not Containing the Dog Toy Notes: 1. Please take off their physiological pants every 2-3 hours and change sanitary pad frequently for their good excretion and health. 2. Please loose the size for 2cm when measuring your dog the back length doesn t include the tail length. Thanks for your understanding.


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