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  1. Trace

    I very rarely write reviews for Amazon, but I feel compelled to share my experience with the Easy Walk harness. I have an 11-month old, eighty plus pound English cream golden retriever. He is an exceptional dog with the one exception of walking. When we walk, all he wants to do is run, chase, explore and lead. He is still learning because he is a puppy, but due to his size, I was beginning to develop tendinitis in both elbows. I tried a pinch collar, shock collar, and pet corrector air spray, all which would work sort of, but never permanently. I had gotten to the point where I was behaving badly on walks because he was so frustratingly stubborn and willful. Happened to be on a hike without him and ran across a couple walking a golden retriever, similar in size and weight. I was blown away by how well he walked and stopped them to ask what their trick was. When they told me about the harness, I ordered it on Amazon that day, and our next walk was a literal GAME CHANGER. Overnight, my dog became manageable and compliant – even when he saw a squirrel. He still enjoys his walks as much as before, but he isn’t gasping or sounding like he is choking because he no longer pulls against his pinch collar. We still go at a fast clip, but I’m the one in control of the speed instead of him. I cannot emphasize enough how much value this 22.00 harness has brought to our walks. This is an absolute must if you have a dog who has the upper hand on your walks! I gave it five-stars for chew-proof because the way it is designed, it would be incredibly difficult for a dog to chew while wearing it. Wouldn’t leave it on the ground at your house. As a chew toy, it would be relatively simple for a big dog to chew through it.

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