Pet Allergy And How To Keep Children Safe

pet allergy

Millions of people in United states live with pets despite having pet allergy.

Most of us have love for pets somewhere deep down, few watch and play with them from a distance while others keep them as pets and spend most of the time with them either at home or while on a vacation.

Since children spend more time with pets either cat or a dog they are more susceptible to the allergies which can be quite serious.

As the trend for keeping pets at home is increasing so has been the rise in pet allergy throughout the world.

In this article we will understand what allergies can be caused by cats and dogs and how to avoid them so as to keep  children safe.

Cause of Pet Allergy

Pet allergy is largely related to dander produced by the animals. Fluffy animals mostly cats and dogs shed dander which are small flakes present on the skin.

Dander is very tiny and can’t be seen with naked eye but is transferrable through the air which in turn pass through the nose and lungs of children causing allergy.

According to the American Lung Association this can “lead to a decline in the ability of the lungs to function.”


pet allergy

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Although not every child is prone to this allergy but the ones who are can get serious if this allergy is left untreated.

Apart from dander other allergens also affect the children nearby which comes from protein in saliva, urine and faeces of cats and dogs.

If the cat or dog has pooped, urinated or their saliva is spitted somewhere the dust through it can carry allergens and can be a source of allergic reactions.


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Cat and dog beds, mats, carpets, pillows, mattresses etc  needs to be cleaned regularly  a they become the source of accumulation of dander.

Short hair pets or pets with no hair  can equally contribute to the dander as long haired pet because fur generally do not trigger dander.

Types of Allergens in Pets

Fel d 1 protein from cats (which is produced largely in their saliva and by the sebaceous glands) located in their skin.

The Can f I and Can f II proteins (two major allergens present in dander extracts) from dogs cause the most common allergies.

Cat dander is very much lighter in weight and can go a long distance when compared to dogs that’s the reason the cat causes more allergies.

How to know whether your child has pet allergy ?

It doesn’t matter whether you have any pets or not, your children might be prone to pet allergy and this can aggravate while they visit to either relative or friend’s house.

As the cat allergen is very sticky, the child can get affected through clothes of another child which he or she can carry from their home.

The only way to know whether your child has pet allergy is through skin allergy testing.

The remedy for pet allergy

If you know that your children has pet allergy then you should consider shifting your pet to a new home away from the present one but still the allergens can stay for months at a place where pet used to stay.

Periodically shampooing the pet, keeping the pet away from bedroom and using vacuum cleaning the carpets can reduce the risk by certain levels.


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Some doctors prescribe an inhaler (consult you physician) which is quite effective in these kinds of allergies which should be kept in your child pocket if he or she is going to school or travelling to a distant place.


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